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Benefits of Fitness and Exercise

You are saved from health conditions and diseases

Effective health and fitness exercises and diet programs help prevent the occurrence of certain diseases in the body, getting fit and in shape without fad diets should be your first step in your fitness journey.

Heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, depression, arthritis and certain types of cancer can be combated with effective health and fitness programs. Regular fitness programs are known to help the body boost “good” cholesterol or high-density lipoprotein (HDL).

Your mental state is improved

Another benefit of health and fitness exercises is that they help to improve your mood.

Stress usually affects our daily lives but with regular exercises, this is avoided and we are able to think well, act well, and get emotional lift.

Your strength for engaging in daily activity is boosted

Yes, with exercises for health and fitness you are able to increase in stamina and concentration. You will build up oxygen and nutrients which are able to help you work more actively.

Health and fitness programs help deliver into your lungs and heart the needed oxygen.

Conclusively, there are other benefits of ensuring that you maintain health and fitness all the time. You should checkout with a health trainer for guidance on the suitable exercise you will need. Click here to get  more information of fitness programs that will get you fit and healthy with strict diets that make you hungry all the time.

Benefits of Hiring a Dangerously Fit Personal Trainer

If you have specific fitness goals, a Dangerously Fit personal trainer can help you to reach them. You have a couple of different choices. You can either hire a person to train you on an individual basis, or you can join a small group to save some money. Here are a few of the things that a personal trainer can bring to the table in your fitness quest:


1. Instruction

A Dangerously Fit personal trainer can work with you to develop a fitness program that balances strength training, stretching and cardio. These are the three key elements to having a healthy body. A trainer can use their knowledge to assess your level of fitness. He or she can then figure out your exact needs. Using exercise equipment may seem easy, but a trainer can show you the correct ways to use various pieces of equipment so you will not hurt yourself.


2. Motivation

This is one of the most important functions of a personal trainer. Many people may grow tired and frustrated while working out. They may not be seeing the results that they want as fast as they want them. Therefore, they may want to quit. It is the job of the personal trainer to help their client see the light at the end of the tunnel. A personal trainer serves as your cheerleader to support you when you are having some difficulties.


3. Maximizing Your Workout

Since you most likely have a job, a family or other responsibilities, the time you can spend with your Dangerously Fit personal trainer will be limited. Therefore, it is up to your trainer to make sure that you get the most out of the time that you have for workouts. This means making a schedule for you to follow. This will make sure you only spend a specific amount of time using certain equipment or doing certain exercises, allowing you to have a workout that is balanced.


Dangerously Fit Personal Trainer

Katie exercising at Balmoral Beach with her Dangerously Fit Personal Trainer


4. Accountability

The pressure of your Dangerously Fit personal trainer constantly watching you and correcting you if you make a mistake can help you to stay on track. If you get lazy, your trainer will certainly let you know about it. If you are paying money for a person to train you, you are more likely to show up for the workout instead of finding an excuse not to go.


5. Specific Needs

Every person is different. This means that every person will require a workout program that is specifically designed for their body type, fitness level and fitness goals. If you are training for an upcoming marathon, you will need a different workout regimen than a person who is trying to regain strength after being in a car accident. There are also trainers who are specially qualified to train people suffering from asthma, diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis.


6. Change When Needed

After you have reached a certain level of fitness, your trainer can change the exercises and the equipment you are using accordingly. Your trainer will know when you have the necessary stamina and strength to attempt various workout regimens. If you are working out alone, you may try to progress faster than you should and hurt yourself.


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Personal Trainer Shares Five Great Stretching Exercises

Exercising on your own can be boring, ineffective and fraught with risks of injury. What you need is individual guidance at each stage and a boot camp provides you with just that! Dan Clay’s Dangerously Fit has trained and experienced instructors who will show you how to warm-up properly, do your exercises correctly and eat nutritious; balanced meals. Once you enrol at a boot camp, you can be certain of attaining your fitness target.

Importance of Proper Warm-up Session at Fitness Boot Camps  

It is extremely unsafe to start exercising without first acclimatizing your body through a proper warm-up session. Your muscles remain stiff, metabolism low and body temperature not high enough to cope with any kind of vigorous activity.

A proper warm-up session through stretching prepares your respiratory system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system and respiratory system for the strenuous exercises you are about to perform. Stretching also makes your muscles more flexible, leaner and longer. It improves overall blood circulation and reduces muscle tension and stress. Your fitness instructor will make you go through some amazing stretching movements for a dynamic warm-up session.

Dan Clay's Dangerously Fit

Dan Clay’s Dangerously Fit Personal Training On Bondi Beach – Sydney

Cross Shoulder Stretch 

To do this, stand straight with knees bent slightly. Place feet apart at hip distance with toes pointed forward. Now bend your right arm at the elbow and move it across your chest. Support the right arm by placing your left arm at the right elbow. Inhale through nose, hold arm in position and exhale through the mouth. Repeat with your left arm. Remember to keep your shoulders straight throughout the movement.

Chest Stretch 

Stand in similar position as above and keep shoulders straight. Now place arms behind you, clasp them together and extend them as far backwards as you comfortably can. Hold in position while you inhale with your nose and exhale through the mouth. Repeat as many times as you are comfortable or as instructed by your personal trainer.

Hamstring and Calf Muscle Stretch

To stretch your hamstrings after your workout, lie on the ground; keep both knees bent and place feet flat at six inches apart from each other. Lift your knee (in bent position) to your chest and hold your right thigh by placing both hands behind the knee. Straighten your legs slowly till you feel a gentle stretch in your hamstrings.

To stretch calf muscles, stand about two feet away from a wall or tree. Keep your back straight and heels flat on the ground. Now lean slowly towards the wall or tree till your palms and forehead touch it. Don’t move your knees along with your body. Hold for some time as you feel the gentle stretch on your calf muscles.

Walking Lunges 

To do this, step forward by taking a long stride with your right leg. The right knee should be placed just behind the toes.  Now lower yourself into a lunge position and push your body forward. Repeat with your left leg.

Bent Torso Stretch 

Your  personal  trainer will also show you how to stretch your torso. Stand with feet placed wide apart, extend arms to both sides and bend over. Touch your left foot with right hand and then twist your torso so that your left hand will now touch your right foot. The other hand should then point upwards. Always keep your back and shoulders absolutely straight and extend arms fully.

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5 Reasons To Join A Bondi Bootcamp

Group fitness Bondi separates itself from other gyms and fitness clubs. So you want to work out and get your self in shape. Great! The truth of the matter is that most people who join gyms do so with the right intentions. They start working out hard and steady, then one day it stops being fun and starts to become boring and becomes something they feel they have to do.

Once a person feels that it is something they have to do they stop doing it altogether. Group personal training makes it different. So why should you join a Bondi bootcamp?

bondi bootcamp

The team at bondi bootcamp

Listed below are five reasons to join a Bondi bootcamp.

First advantage: People join gyms to get in shape. At fitness Bondi, we devise workouts to make sure you get in shape. Most people realize that when a person joins the military the first thing they have to do is get through boot camp, and survive. You will survive at bootcamp, but you will also get in shape.

You want to be fit, you want six pack abs, then let us work with you at Bondi boot camp. If you can handle our workouts , we guarantee that you will be fit. Group personal training is for people who want to excel and get in shape.

Second advantage: The reason people get bored with working out at gyms is usually because they are working out by themselves. At Group personal training we believe in the group dynamics. Just like a real boot camp, you will be working out with a team. You will not feel like it’s you against the world.

When you work out as part of a team , you will not lose interest, you will not want to let your team down. Bootcamp is all about helping you train and get in shape, but just like the military you will have a sense of no man or women left behind. Group training is awesome for everyone at Bondi boot camp.

Third advantage: One of the best things about Group fitness is that it helps people grow in self esteem, discipline and perception. Any type of fitness training is never easy and anyone that gets through fitness training deserves to be proud of themselves. In true military fitness style, the whole thing about Group personal training in Bondi is to make you a better person all the way around.

bondi boxing

The crew being put through their paces at a Bondi boxing class

Advantage four: If you are going to spend your money on a program or gym, you want to make sure you get your money worth. Most times when you join a gym you might get to work one on one with a personal trainer every once in a while, but you have to pay extra for that. Here at Bondi bootcamp the whole workout is designed for you.

Fifth advantage: We have looked at some of the different advantages here at DF fitness. One advantage that separates us from other places that people work out at is the fact that you can get to meet some new people. A lot of people who have been in the military say that some of their best friendships were formed in boot camp. Our goal at Group fitness Bondi is to help you grow physically and all the way around.

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A Guide to Finding the Right Personal Trainer for You

There’s a great deal of importance people attach with their fitness today. More than ever, people have realized that it is necessary to stay fit and maintain. There are various options to choose from. The obvious and most popular one is to join the gym and workout daily. There’s another option: to hire a personal trainer. If you’re living in a place like Coogee which has famous outdoors, the idea of hiring a personal trainer is a good one. Here’s a guide for you to find the right personal trainer in Coogee.

Trained & Certified

Looking for a top-quality personal trainer in Coogee can take time. Firstly you must make sure that candidate for the job has all the necessary academic certification. As a rule, personal trainers have a Masters of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from a well-established college or institute. Additionally, official recognition from an eminent exercise and training body is another must. Advanced certification indicates that the trainer is well-versed with the understanding of training and exercise methodology. And is well-aware about the current trends in the fitness industry.

Professional Experience and Efficiency

When you choose your personal trainer, make sure he or she is experience in the craft. A personal trainer in Coogee with credible experience and expertise is a good choice.

Have an interaction and make sure your personal trainer has the requisites of experience and work-ethics. Your trainer should be punctual, responsible, sincere and trustworthy. Apart from personality traits, the personal trainer should be familiar with basic first-aid skills, CPR skills, and can handle any urgent situation. It is important your personal trainer is somebody who has all the knowledge about the newest exercise and training methods.

Personal Fitness

A good personal trainer should not just be capable of helping you maintain your fitness. He or she must be self-fit as well. Just because he or she talks tall about having all the experience and wisdom associated with exercise and training does not make the grade for him/her to be a good personal trainer. The personal trainer Coogee you recruit must be healthy and on the go in business.

Personality Matters

Any personal trainer in Coogee may claim that he/she has the experience does not point out he or she is a good fit for you. Before you commence exercise and training full-throttle mode, have a few interactions with the trainer.  See if your personalities match or if you have any common interests or likings. Your relationship with the personal trainer is important; or you may not be able to achieve your fitness goals as desired.

Before Training

A good personal trainer in Coogee will make sure you undergo the obligatory evaluation to test your fitness vitals – body composition, blood pressure, posture, oxygen uptake and aerobic ability etc. – The results of evaluation will influence your fitness program in a big way. It will enable the trainer to decide how to chalk out your fitness goals.

Your Training Schedule

Once your evaluations are in hand, a good personal trainer in Coogee will then have a sit-down with you and seek information about your daily activities and dietary intake. Wherever necessary, the trainer will enforce some changes to ensure you’re able to adapt to the training and exercise regime. The personal trainer will chalk out your training-schedule on the basis of parameters which include cardiovascular endurance, strength-training, motor-skill coordination weight-control, flexibility, etc.

Boot Camp Option

Fitness boot camps are very popular everywhere. If you’re inclined towards joining a boot-camp, ask your personal trainer in Coogee to enroll you in a fitness boot camp in Coogee.  This will benefit you in many ways. Most importantly you will be able to interact and mingle with several like-minded people like you and learn few extra tips regarding fitness and otherwise.

No to Market-Hype

Your personal trainer in Coogee should be someone with his own fitness-intellect and should be able to give you advice without leaning on market-hype. There are a slew of fitness-related foods and medications available which promise results in no time. If you find yourself falling for the market-gimmicks, consult your personal trainer. He or she will tell you what’s best for you. Besides, what’s the need to take shortcuts if the exercise and training is showing the results you desire?





Importance of Protein In Working Out

Eating sufficient protein ensures muscle growth and recovery. In fact, feeding your body with enough protein is a major way for you to grow muscles.

Exercising is for you to build your muscles. Consuming protein is for you grow them. Experts have calculated that an average person who exercises four times a week must consume a gram of protein per pound of body weight on workout days and 0.25 grams after workout.

This is because the body needs to consume specific amount of protein after rigorous and exhausting workouts. No matter how many hours you’ll spend in the gym, if you don’t feed your body properly, then you won’t achieve your fitness goals.

Excellent sources of protein include seafood, white meat, eggs, beans and pork tenderloin among many others.

Also, please bear in mind that work-out, diet and muscle-building are not enough to say that one is physically fit. He must remember that being healthy is all-inclusive; that is, it is a lifestyle.

Working out and healthy diet are the best if you will completely avoid unhealthy endeavor such as drinking heavy drinking of alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and eating junk foods.

Use all these tips and you’ll certainly be the healthiest person you could possibly be.

2 Good Tips To Keep Your Heart Fit From High Blood Pressure

Always learn to relax 

As a person diagnosed with high blood pressure, it is advisable that you should do away with situations that trigger stress.

Although science did not officially linked stress to high blood pressure, it is always recommended to find relaxation activities in order to reduce anxiety and negative energies in the body.

Bad habits must be eliminated

Health threatening activities such as smoking and drinking alcohol must be avoided (if not completely eliminated). Smoking specifically narrows the arteries which will lead to less blood flow in the veins and high blood pressure.

Excessive alcohol, on the other hand, makes you gain weight which can become a risk for people who are diagnosed with high blood pressure. Both increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and heart attack so you need to completely do away with them.

Again, take extra care of yourself to fully control high blood pressure. Show love for your body all the time by observing proper diet, exercise, stress reduction and eliminating health-threatening habits.

This may sound hard but with discipline and time management, you can certainly control high blood pressure naturally.

Want a Home Gym? Some Things to Consider Before You Build One

Home gyms are getting popular against the conventional gyms due to the numerous advantages it presents.

There are also many people who might want to try a home gym first before they finally try the conventional gym.

If you want to try the home gym, here are some considerations before you want to build that gym.

Your home should have enough space

You might have seen celebrity houses which have their own personal gym. You will also notice that these personal gyms are spacious because they have a lot of equipment and are designed to focus on exercise.

Consider the space of your home or include them in your renovations when you do decide to have one.

Personal equipment means personal budget

There is a lot of equipment for fitness that can be bought privately. With the variety of these equipment, you might be confused on which type of equipment is best for you.

In addition, you have to pay for your own equipment and all fitness stuff that you want to have in your own gym.

Important Factors for Fitness


Flexibility is another important component that concerns in the body joints’ ability to be in motion without breaking or without being hurt. Elasticity of the connective tissue is one great factor that shows flexibility.

That is why it is important to stretch and perform exercises. Testing one’s flexibility can be done through stretching individual muscles.

Muscular Strength and Endurance

Muscular strength is the ability of a person to perform a specific routine repeatedly with maximum resistance.

Muscular endurance, on the other hand, concerns in performing many repetitions with a sub-maximum resistance. Both are equally important in physical fitness since they build strength and improve balance.

In addition, these are important because they give the body the ability to perform continuous laborious tasks without fatiguing.

Body Composition

Referring to the amount of fat mass in contrast to that of the lean muscle mass, bones and organs, body composition is an important component of physical fitness.

This is basically the ratio of your lean tissue to your body fat. This is what most people miss about fitness. They thought that being so lean is the ultimate basis of real fitness. In reality, there is a preferable body fat percentage that the body must have.

Although it varies from age and gender, 5 percent for males and 12 percent of fats for females are the safe number set by fitness experts.