Important Factors for Fitness


Flexibility is another important component that concerns in the body joints’ ability to be in motion without breaking or without being hurt. Elasticity of the connective tissue is one great factor that shows flexibility.

That is why it is important to stretch and perform exercises. Testing one’s flexibility can be done through stretching individual muscles.

Muscular Strength and Endurance

Muscular strength is the ability of a person to perform a specific routine repeatedly with maximum resistance.

Muscular endurance, on the other hand, concerns in performing many repetitions with a sub-maximum resistance. Both are equally important in physical fitness since they build strength and improve balance.

In addition, these are important because they give the body the ability to perform continuous laborious tasks without fatiguing.

Body Composition

Referring to the amount of fat mass in contrast to that of the lean muscle mass, bones and organs, body composition is an important component of physical fitness.

This is basically the ratio of your lean tissue to your body fat. This is what most people miss about fitness. They thought that being so lean is the ultimate basis of real fitness. In reality, there is a preferable body fat percentage that the body must have.

Although it varies from age and gender, 5 percent for males and 12 percent of fats for females are the safe number set by fitness experts.

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